About The Artist


Meet Orvis St. John, a multi-talented creative professional who has honed his craft in various industries. As a freelance photographer and creative director, Orvis has an impressive portfolio that showcases his exceptional skills in digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, Copywriting for Advertising. But his expertise doesn't just end there.
Orvis’ creative journey began as a fashion model for various fashion brands and magazines in Milan, Italy and Paris, France. He then pursued his passion for cooking and attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Paris, France. After his graduation, Orvis worked his way up the culinary ladder from line cook to executive chef in different restaurants across Melbourne, Jacksonville, and Los Angeles. His experience in the culinary world taught him valuable skills in project management, managing teams, and multitasking.
With a thirst for new challenges, Orvis shifted his focus to the advertising industry enrolling in the Miami Ad School where he focused on Copywriting and Photography. He won the Prestigious Fudge Award (Best of Show) of his graduating class.  After graduation he worked as a freelance copywriter for Grey World Wide. During his tenure, he won several awards, including the New York Festivals Finalist Award and the Short List Award for best new 8 1/1 Outdoor Advertising Awards.
Despite his success in advertising, Orvis found himself drawn back to his creative roots and ventured into freelance photography. His fashion editorials have been published in various indie magazines and even featured in Photo Vogue, a division of Vogue Italia. He was also chosen in the first Canon CPN Editors Choice competition selected by Aidan Sullivan of Getty Images. Not content with just being a photographer, Orvis also became a freelance photography instructor at The Hamburg Photo Academy Paris, where he shares his knowledge and passion for photography to all skill levels of photographers.
Aside from his creative pursuits, Orvis also finds joy in teaching English, swimming, running, skateboarding, surfing, reading, and watching movies.
With his diverse experience in multiple creative fields, Orvis' skill set is sure to add value to any team or project.

Artist Statement

I am Orvis St. John, an artist photographer whose work is deeply inspired by the realms of cinema, visual storytelling, creative problem-solving, architecture, beauty and street photography. While I appreciate the timeless beauty of black and white photography, it is the vivid world of color that truly captivates me.

My motivation to create stems from my formative years in the vibrant streets of New York City. As a child, I embarked on walks with my family, mesmerized by the bustling scenes unfolding around me. Though camera-less at the time, I trained my eyes to isolate compelling moments, framing them mentally through imaginary finger formed viewfinders while mimicking the sound of a shutter click. This early exercise in composition and observation laid the groundwork for my later exploration of photography.

Influenced by a lineage of creativity within my family, including my mother's attendance at the prestigious Professional Children's School in New York alongside renowned figures such as Christopher Walken and Bonnie Trompeter, my passion for fashion photography was sparked. Viewing the headshots of my mother, Godmother (Bonnie Trompeter), and their classmates, I became fascinated by the artistry behind their creation. Further inspiration was drawn from my great-great-uncle, a sculptor from Stuttgart, Germany, whose legacy is honored with a street bearing his name. Although uncertain of having a street named after me, I am determined to make significant contributions to the art of photography.

As an artist, I refuse to be a mere replication machine. Experimentation is at the heart of my creative process, allowing me to push the boundaries of traditional photography. During the past years of the Corona pandemic, I embraced isolation as an opportunity to delve into previously procrastinated projects. It was during this time that I explored photo collage and architectural manipulation, giving birth to series such as "Architectural Beauty," "Building Portraits," and "Cars Not of this Earth." The question "What if?" has become an indispensable tool in my artistic arsenal, employed as frequently as my camera, if not more.

Rooted in my upbringing in Florida, where I discovered the thrill of surfing and skateboarding as hobbies, I am drawn to the cultures that surround these activities. Their influence manifests in my photographic approach, reflecting a philosophy of remaining fluid in practice rather than rigidly confined. In my pursuit of artistic growth, I dropped out of college at the age of 20 and ventured to Milan, following in the footsteps of my Godmother as a model. My experiences in Milan and Paris exposed me to the works of influential photographers such as Steven Meisel, Aldo Fallai, and the iconic Irving Penn, whom I had the privilege of observing at his studios in New York City. Annie Leibovitz also holds a special place among my inspirations.

Through my photography, I aspire to transport viewers into captivating visual narratives, utilizing color, composition, and a spirit of experimentation to evoke emotions and invite contemplation. With every click of the shutter, I seek to contribute to the ever-evolving art of photography and leave a lasting impact.

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